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Welcome to www.parquejoyero.es

Jeweller Park Business Space Cordoba complex is a unique venue, designed ti give the best service to the jewelry industry and since 2008, also to companies engaged in other activities, wich are gradually incorporating our excellent facilities. It is therefore configured as an increasingly complex multisectorial where companies benefit from a better and safer location, as well as the business group.

Today. it remains a complex centered mostly in the jewerly business, assuming the highest concentration of companies in the sector in Spain and Europe and grouping engaged in the manufacture and marketing of jewerlry, gold, jewelery and watchmaking companies.

The jewelerCordoba Park Business Area, comes to promote the Cordoban jewelery, and hence Spanish, the flagship represents you in today´s demanding market, and generates significant other infrastructure that businessescan use.

It is a modern and functional space where business and visitors will have services of a global nature that give the campus a unique indentity in the world.

The Palace os Congresses and Exhibitions of Cordoba, School of Jewellery, Restaurant, General Building Services and local commercial complement factories and makea professional space designed for comfort and the safety of visitors.

All information about the resort and its component companies, is available on www.parquejoyero.es, along with other services such as news of the park itself, companies tha compise it, and information for hiring rooms for conventions, business meeting, conferences, etc..

Cordoba Park Jeweler Business Space is pleased to welcome you to our website and invite to visit our facilities.